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Hurricane Ian Recovery

Staff has begun damage assessment throughout the city. Residents are able to return and businesses may reopen. Be cautious when reentering the area as power outages are ongoing and there are numerous trees, poles, and signs down throughout the community.
Residents and business owners can report significant damage to Community Improvement Director Terri Sullivan at 727-542-4280. For emergencies call 911. 

Mandatory Evacuations

Announcement from Pinellas County:
Effective 6 p.m. September 26, 2022, all residents in Evacuation Zone A (including all mobile home residents) will be under mandatory evacuation orders. All of South Pasadena is in an A Zone and should be taking steps to evacuate as soon as possible. 

Attention local business owners

Attention business owners in South Pasadena:
City Code § 90-3
Businesses required to close during evacuation.
Upon the issuance of a mandatory evacuation order by the Governor, Pinellas County or the City Commission, all business owners and operators doing business in South Pasadena shall, within three hours of the commencement of the evacuation, close their business establishments within the city which are located within the mandatory evacuation zone. 
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