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Waste Connections Rates Effective 12/1/20-11/30/21
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Residential Collection Service- Effective October 1, 2008

Twice a week pick up for garbage - Tuesdays and Fridays.

Once a week pick up for recycling - Wednesday.

Call 572-6800 for more information.

2021 Drop Off Events for Household Electronics and Chemical Collection
2021 Drop Off Events

What happens when fats, oils and grease are poured down the sink?


Potable Water Use Rules

- Aesthetic fountains and other water features are prohibited. 
- Residential car washing is prohibited.
- Charity car washes are prohibited. 
- Commercial car wash operations are allowed.   
- Cars for sale or lease may not be routinely washed; they may be washed   immediately prior to sale or lease. 
- Pressure washing conducted by commercial businesses is allowed for certain purposes which include:
    o       cleaning to eliminate a safety hazard, 
    o       preparation for painting or similar activity, 
    o       maintaining a paint or material warranty, and 
    o       as needed to meet federal, state or local health and safety standards. 
- Restaurants and public dining facilities shall serve water to customers only upon customer request.
- Government facilities, common areas in malls, lobbies of multi-tenant office buildings, and similar public spaces using cooling towers or other water-based cooling must keep the temperature at or above 78 degrees Fahrenheit. There are exemptions for health and safety, such as hospital facilities.
-  Wasteful and unnecessary water use is prohibited. 
-  Use of an automatic shutoff device is required when hand-watering plants. 
- Watering-in of lawn chemicals is allowed within District guidelines.
- Cleaning and maintenance of an irrigation system is limited to once a month. An attendant must be present.
- Boat washing and motor flushing is allowed after usage.

Wasteful and unnecessary water use is prohibited.

Reclaimed Water Restrictions

No water available between the hours of   10:00 A.M. AND 4:00 P.M.

No reclaimed water permitted on Monday.

If your house number ends in an even number, water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If your house number ends in an odd number, water on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.


For more information on reclaimed water call:

Pinellas County Utilities 464-4000