Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates  
The Community Improvement Department maintains Elevation Certificates that are submitted to us. To submit an elevation certificate to the Community Improvement Department, please contact us at 727-343-4192. 

How an Elevation Certificate Is Used
If your building is in a high-risk area (a zone indicated with the letters A or V on a Flood Insurance Rate Map), the Elevation Certificate includes important information that is needed for determining a risk based premium rate for a flood insurance policy. Your insurance agent will use the Elevation Certificate to compare your building's elevation to the Base Flood Elevation shown on the map being used for rating and determine the cost to cover your flood risk. 

Who Needs an Elevation Certificate
For certain high-risk structures, an Elevation Certificate is required by an insurer as a condition for issuing flood coverage. There are exceptions. For example, if your building was constructed before your community's first Flood Insurance Rate Map became effective (known as pre-FIRM) and you are eligible for a subsidized rate, you do not need an Elevation Certificate to purchase coverage. However, subsidized rate for pre-FIRM buildings are being phased out through annual premium increases. Your full-risk rate is specific to the property, and an Elevation Certificate will be needed to calculate the property-specific full-risk rate. Depending on your elevation, the full-risk rate could already be lower than the subsidized rate. 
Elevation Certificate's are not required and are not used for rating in moderate to low-risk areas (zones X, B and C), undetermined risk areas (zone D), or certain high-risk areas eligible for other subsidies (e.g., zones AR and A99). If you need to document that your building is in one of these zones, you can simply provide a copy of the current Flood Insurance Rate Map that marks the building's location or obtain a letter signed and dated by a community official listing the building's address and flood zone. The property will remain eligible for the National Flood Insurance Program grandfather procedure if continuous coverage is maintained. 

When You Need a New Elevation Certificate 
If you make substantial changes to your building in a high-risk area - for example, you make an addition to your home - you likely need a new Elevation Certificate to reflect the new building characteristics and Lowest Floor Elevation. 

The following elevation certificates are on file with the Community Improvement Department.  To submit your elevation certificate, please contact the department at 727-343-4192. 

7305 14th Ave S
7315 14th Ave S
1405 Corey Way S
1445 Corey Way S
1403 Durling Dr S 
6913 Grande Vista Way S 
7002 Grevilla Ave S 
7006 Grevilla Ave S 
7008 Grevilla Ave S 
7010 Grevilla Ave S 
7012 Grevilla Ave S 
7014 Grevilla Ave S 
7016 Grevilla Ave S 
7018 Grevilla Ave S 
6810 Gulfport Blvd S 
6940 Hibiscus Ave  

911 Oleander Way S
6840 Park St S
6844 Park St S
808 Pasadena Ave S 

903 Pasadena Ave S 
950 Pasadena Ave S
1135 Pasadena Ave S 

1234 Pasadena Ave S
1271 Pasadena Ave S 

1375 Pasadena Ave S
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 106 

1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 136
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 204
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 205
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 225
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 239
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 217
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 301
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 312
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 334
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 336
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 525
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 541
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 623
1375 Pasadena Ave S Lot 630
1400 Pasadena Ave S
1500 Pasadena Ave S
1501 Pasadena Ave S 
1550 Pasadena Ave S 
1601 Pasdena Ave S 
1615 Pasadena Ave S 
3333 Pasadena Ave S Bldg A
3333 Pasadena Ave S Bldg A Memo of Correction
3333 Pasadena Ave S Bldg B
3333 Pasadena Ave S Bldg C
7922 Sailboat Key Blvd S 

7979 Sailboat Key Blvd S Building 11
1846 Shore Dr S 
6904 South Shore Dr S
6936 South Shore Dr S 

6940 South Shore Dr S
6952 South Shore Dr S 

6956 South Shore Dr S 
6976 South Shore Dr S 
7004 South Shore Dr S  
7016 South Shore Dr S
7040 South Shore Dr S
7050 South Shore Dr S 

7051 South Shore Dr S 
7060 South Shore Dr S
7076 South Shore Dr S 

7080 South Shore Dr
7118 South Shore Dr S 

7124 South Shore Dr S
7136 South Shore Dr
7625 Sun Island Dr S 
7085 Sunset Dr S
7148 South Shore Dr S