Hurricane Preparedness

The hurricane season began on June 1st and continues through November 30th.  Hurricane Guides are available at City Hall and the Fire Department.  They provide information on how to prepare for an evacuation, evacuation zones and routes, what you should take when you evacuate, and other hurricane-related topics. The City of South Pasadena is mostly in the Level A evacuation zone, so you can expect to evacuate if a hurricane is headed our way.  Make your emergency preparations early.
Public shelters are not comfortable places to stay.  If you can, make arrangements to stay with family or friends who are not located in evacuation zones, or make early reservations at a safely located motel.  A public shelter should be considered your least desirable option.  Pets are not accepted at most public shelters.  Pet owners who expect to go to a public shelter should call 727/582-2150.
The Fire Department provides transportation assistance to a public shelter for those who have no other method of getting there. You must be pre-registered for this service. Call us at 344-1666 for information.  Do not wait until an evacuation order has been issued, and register only if you cannot get to a shelter on your own.  Additional information, including how to prepare an evacuation plan for your family that includes your pet, is available online at and