Intersection Safety Program / Red Light Cameras

Intersection Safety Program / Red Light Cameras

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The City of South Pasadena's Intersection Safety / Red Light Camera Program contract expired on March 27, 2016. There are currently no functioning red light cameras within the City.  For questions about the program during the cameras' functional period from February 2011 to March 2016, please see below.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Administration Department.

About the Program

The City of South Pasadena Intersection Safety Program began in February 2011.  Cameras were installed at intersections within the city to encourage safer driving habits and to promote pedestrian safety.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, annually nearly 2 million crashes occur in intersections. In 2005, red light running resulted in 800 fatalities and over 165,000 injuries.  It is believed that an Intersection Safety Program will reduce the number of red light crashes and injuries associated with such crashes. The purpose of this program is to increase traffic safety in the City of South Pasadena. The goal of the program is to reduce red light running violations, red light crashes, and red light injury crashes without impacting City funds.

Camera-enforced Intersections

  • Northbound Pasadena Ave. S. @ Sailboat Key Blvd. S.
  • Northbound Pasadena Ave. S. @ Shore Drive S.
  • Southbound Pasadena Ave. S. @ Gulfport Blvd. S.
  • Southbound Pasadena Ave. S. @ Shore Drive S.
Straight through traffic as well as left and right hand turns monitored. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a red light running violation?
Pursuant to Florida Statutes §§ 316.0083, 316.074(1) and 316.075(1)(c)1, it is a violation of the red light if a vehicle proceeds into an intersection equipped with a photographic traffic control monitoring system when the traffic control signal for that vehicle’s direction of travel is emitting a steady red signal. When a motorist receives a Notice of Violation, it has been determined that their vehicle has proceeded into an intersection by entering the crosswalk on the near side of an intersection when the traffic control signal, for the direction in which the vehicle was traveling, was emitting a steady red signal. Motorists already in the intersection when the signal changes to red, when waiting to turn for example, are not considered red light violators.

Why did I receive this Notice of Violation?
Based upon images captured by the automated system, your vehicle was determined to have failed to comply with a steady red signal. As the owner of the vehicle, the Notice of Violation is mailed to you. For every violation captured by the cameras, the images and video are reviewed and approved by the Pinellas County Sherriff’s Department before a Notice of Violation is issued and mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

If I am in the intersection when the light is yellow and the light changes to red, will I receive a Notice of Violation/Infraction?
No. The automated camera system only becomes active once the red light is showing. It will not capture a vehicle if the vehicle enters the intersection prior to the light changing to red.  If you entered the intersection on yellow, it is legal to clear the intersection if the light turned red while you were still in the intersection. 

What if I am not the driver/owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation
As the registered owner of the vehicle, you are deemed responsible for the violation and the payment the penalty unless, in compliance with Florida Statute § 316.0083(1)(d)1.a-d, you establish by a sworn affidavit that a statutory exemption applies.  The exemptions are that the motor vehicle: (a) passed through the intersection in order to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle or as part of a funeral procession; (b) passed through the intersection at the direction of a law enforcement officer; (c) was, at the time of the violation, in the care, custody, or control of another person; or (d) a UTC was issued by a law enforcement officer to the driver of the motor vehicle for the violation of Florida Statute § 316.074(1) and § 316.075(1)(c)1 stated in this Notice.  The affidavit must be sworn before a notary public or other person authorized to administer oaths.

If you assert that the vehicle was in the care, custody, or control of another person, you must provide the name, address, date of birth, and, if known, the driver’s license number of the person who leased, rented, or otherwise had care, custody, or control of the vehicle at the time of the violation.  ACCEPTANCE OF THIS ASSERTION BY THE SHERRIFF’S DEPARTMENT WILL RESULT IN THE ISSUANCE OF A UNIFORM TRAFFIC CITATION TO THE PERSON NAMED IN THE AFFIDAVIT.  If the vehicle was stolen, then the affidavit must include a copy of a police report showing the vehicle to have been stolen.  If you assert that a UTC was issued by a law enforcement officer for the violation of Florida Statute § 316.074(1) and 316.075(1)(c)1 stated in the notice, then you must include the serial number of the UTC.  For faster processing, you may, but are not required to, include a copy of the UTC.

You may download and print the Affidavit of Non-Responsibility form from the links at the bottom of the page on

I have received a UTC, may I submit an affidavit? 
Yes, you may submit an affidavit.  You must download the Post UTC Affidavit from the links at the bottom of the page on . The Post UTC Affidavit must be mailed to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  Submission of a Post UTC Affidavit does not guarantee a dismissal of the UTC.

Will I receive any points on my driving record for this violation?
No, this is a non-criminal infraction that is not reported to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

Will my insurance rates be affected?
No, this is a non-criminal infraction and is not reported to any insurance agencies.

How can I pay my fine?
ONLINE PAYMENT: The fastest and easiest way to pay your Notice is to pay online.  Go to and logon with your Notice # and PIN shown in the red box on the front of this notice.  Click the Pay button. 

PAYMENT BY PHONE: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time Toll free at: 1-866-225-8875.
PAYMENT BY MAIL: Mail your check or money order (payable to the City of South Pasadena) in the enclosed envelope with the coupon printed at the bottom of the reverse side of your notice.  DO NOT MAIL CASH.  Be sure to put the Notice # on the face of your payment.  If you have any questions, please call Customer Service Toll free at: 1-866-225-8875.

Can I make payments in installments or set up a payment plan?
Payment plans are not available unless a UTC has been issued.  If you have received a UTC, you may request a payment plan through the Pinellas County Clerk of the Court’s office.   

I do not believe I ran a red light. Where can I go to view my images and video?
You can view your images on any computer with an Internet connection. Please visit  To log on to the site you must enter the Notice Number and the PIN Number located at the top right of your Notice of Violation.  If you do not have internet access you may view your images and video at your local public library or at the City of South Pasadena City Hall.

How do I request a hearing? 
Instructions for requesting a hearing are located on your Notice of Violation or Uniform Traffic Citation.  Please section the option that you are requesting a hearing, sign your violation or citation and mail it in to the appropriate authority. 

Hearing requests for Notice of Violation should be sent to:

Hearing requests for Uniform Traffic Citations should be sent to:

Can I make a hearing request over the phone?
No.  Hearing requests must be received in writing. 

Do I have to pay my fine the day of the hearing?

How much do I have to pay for a hearing?
A person who is found liable after a Hearing can be liable for an additional penalty, courts costs and fees not to exceed $500, in addition to the amount of the civil penalty assessed for the violation. 

Can I bring a lawyer to the hearing with me?

Can someone other than me attend the hearing?
Only you or your legal counsel may appear at a hearing.

How do I know that these violations are valid?
Images of your vehicle were captured and recorded by a Traffic Safety Camera. You can review your images and video of the actual occurrence online. The images and video were reviewed by several qualified technicians and by the Pinellas County Sherriff’s Office before the alleged civil infraction was affirmed and mailed to you as the registered owner or identified driver.

What company provides the red light camera program in the City of South Pasadena?
The City of South Pasadena has contracted with American Traffic Solutions Inc. to provide the Intersection Safety Program. ATS will install and maintain all equipment related to this program and process all violations captured by the equipment.

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For questions regarding the City of South Pasadena's Intersection Safety Program / Red Light Cameras, please contact the Administration Department or the ATS Customer Service Department at 1-866-225-8875.