Annual Scholarship Available

The City of South Pasadena awards a scholarship annually to a qualified resident or resident's family member. 

Applications for the 2017 $1,000 scholarship are currently being accepted through May 31, 2017. 

No applicant shall receive the scholarship more than once.  Applicants who did not receive a scholarship may reapply in subsequent years.

Applicantion Requirements
  1. Proof of residency for a minimum of one (1) year (utility bills, rent receipts, residential lease or real property tax bills) for applicant OR eligble family sponsor (parent or grandparent). 
  2. A copy of the prior year Federal Income Tax Return for applicant and any other person(s) who claimed applicant as a dependent on a Federal Income Tax Return.
  3. Have been accepted at an accredited college, university, trade or technical school in the state of Florida.  A letter of acceptance or other proof of enrollment in an eligible school for a term beginning between July 1st and December 31st of the current year.  In addition, a statement from the school indicating the yearly cost of the school. 
  4. Educational transcript from the last school applicant attended. 
  5. Applicant shall not have been convicted of a crime or suspended or expelled from school within the past five years. 
  6. Statement of career goals and potential future benefit to the community. 
  7. Social security numbers must be blocked out on any required forms.