2016 Proposed Millage Rate FAQs

What is the proposed new millage rate?
The 2016 millage rate for Municipal – South Pasadena is 3.625.

What caused the increase in millage this year?
Several years of holding the millage rate steady to ease the tax burden on our residents and businesses during the great recession resulted in deficit spending that reduced the City’s reserves significantly.  The City currently has reserve funding for less than 6 months of operations in the event of a major emergency.

In South Pasadena, Fire, EMT and Law Enforcement protect and serve the residents and businesses in our City 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our community has the fastest response time to 911 calls and other emergencies in the County. It is a top priority to maintain these high levels of service to our residents and businesses. This excellent level of service accounts for 60% of our General Fund spending budget.
However, in 2013, the City lost approximately $300,000 in annual revenue from Pinellas County for the South Pasadena Fire District to provide services to the adjacent unincorporated fire district.  Yet the South Pasadena Fire Department still provides these emergency services at the City’s expense, as it is the closest fire station. This 3-year loss of $900,000 was a major factor in the millage increase as well.
The City also saw a sharp decrease in red light infractions over the past three years, which bodes well for the safety and protection of our residents.  However, fewer infractions also mean a drop in revenue to support other City services.
In order to maintain our excellent emergency services at these high standards, and to ensure other essential city services are funded, while maintaining sufficient reserves, it was necessary to increase the millage.
When does this new millage rate take effect?
October 1, 2015.

How does this change in the millage rate affect me?
Your South Pasadena Municipal property tax will rise.  For example, if your Assessed/Capped Value is $100,000, your Municipal tax will increase approximately  $80, or less than $7 per month.  At $150,000, the increase will be approximately $160.  That’s an increase of about $13 a month.

Where do I find this on my Property Tax Statement or TRIM Notice?
Look for Taxing Authority and find Municipal or MSTU: South Pasadena. Read across to Column 3 (in yellow).  Proposed Millage rate and taxes will be shown there. Compare last year’s tax in Column 1 with the proposed tax in Column 3 to calculate your increase.

What if I have more questions or concerns?
Two public hearings on the proposed budget and millage increase will be held at City Hall, 7074 Sunset Drive South on Wednesday, September 9 at 7 pm and Wednesday, September 16 at 7 pm. 

You are encouraged to attend one or both meetings and share your comments and concerns.  Each resident may speak for 5 minutes.
You are also encouraged to call or email the Mayor and members of the City Commission.  Contact information is available on the website or by calling City Hall at 727-347-4171.